Strata Program Information

Program Information for Strata Members & Strata Corporations

Strata CashBack Programs is based on strata corporations and members participating in the world’s largest cashback and loyalty rewards program, now operating in 46 countries including Canada.  The purpose of the services provided by Strata CashBack Programs is to provide the information and expertise necessary to permit stratas to maximize the significant benefits available through this program.

The program is free for both strata corporations and members to join.  The program allows strata corporations to both and save money and to earn money.  These opportunities allows strata corporations to acquire free revenue that can be used to funded their operating costs.

Strata members are in the unique position of being able to realize program benefits in two ways:

  • Strata members benefit directly when doing their personal shopping and receiving cashback discounts of up to 5% paid weekly, plus additional program benefits providing great discounts on future purchases.  National companies participating in the program include The SuperStore, PetroCanada, Canadian Tire, Home Depot and The Bay.  Additionally, the number of BC businesses providing shopping benefits under the program is increasing rapidly.
  • Strata members, however, have the opportunity to also benefit indirectly as a result of their strata corporation receiving free program generated revenues when acquiring required maintenance services.  When these free funds are used to pay for future strata operating costs, the result is lower strata fee and special assessment requirements for strata members.

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Strata Members

Strata Members are provided the opportunity to benefit directly through personal participation in a leading international cashback loyalty rewards program, and to additionally benefit indirectly through lower strata fees and special assessments.

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Strata Corporations

Strata Corporations are provided the opportunity to generate free and potentially significant revenues in several ways including the use of CashBack Program Service Providers to meet strata maintenance and other requirements.

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Service Providers

CashBack Program Service Providers are companies interested in growing and then retaining the business they do with stratas, co-ops, rental property and other business owners by being able to offer customers a loyalty rewards program featuring cashback and other valuable program benefits.

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Career Opportunities

CashBack Programs is seeking experienced property management and other professionals interested in a potentially lucrative career representing the program in regional areas throughout BC to stratas, co-operative housing associations, rental property and commercial business owners, and the companies that provide services to them.

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