Career Opportunities

CashBack Program Career Opportunities

CashBack Programs is seeking experienced property management and other professionals capable of representing the company in geographic areas throughout BC.  This includes the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island and all areas in the BC Interior.

For the right individuals, program income will be substantial with residual earnings extending indefinitely into the future.  As such, the program not only represents an attractive opportunity to generate current income, but also a means of acquiring enhanced retirement income.

Successful individuals will ideally:

  • Have had a career in property management related activity within a specific geographic area.
  • Be very knowledgeable concerning the strata corporations, property management companies, housing co-operatives, rental property owners, and commercial businesses within that area.
  • Be well known and able to make professional presentations to property management companies, stratas, co-ops, and rental property and commercial business owners.
  • Be comfortable giving “lunch and learn” presentations to property management companies concerning the benefits the program is capable of providing to the stratas, co-ops, rental properties and commercial  businesses they may manage.
  • Be experienced in dealing with strata and co-op councils and capable of making presentations to explain the program benefits to them.
  • Possess the financial analysis capabilities required to evaluate the future maintenance funding requirements of the previously mentioned types of organizations, and to then be able to provide specific recommendations as to how a specific organization can implement a program that will maximize program benefits to it.
  • Be capable of supporting strata and co-op councils in presenting the program to their  members and encouraging member participation to support the program.
  • Have knowledge of the best local services companies and have the ability to interest a group of these companies to become “CashBack Program Service Providers” interested in expanding the business they do with those stratas, co-ops, apartment owners, and commercial businesses participating in the program.

Depending upon the nature of a candidate’s current position, it may be possible for the candidate to continue with their current employment activities prior to joining CashBack Programs on a full time basis.

To request additional information or to provide a resume, please email us at:

Strata Members

Strata Members are provided the opportunity to benefit directly through personal participation in a leading international cashback loyalty rewards program, and to additionally benefit indirectly through lower strata fees and special assessments.

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Strata Corporations

Strata Corporations are provided the opportunity to generate free and potentially significant revenues in several ways including the use of CashBack Program Service Providers to meet strata maintenance and other requirements.

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Program Service Providers

Program Service Providers are companies utilizing the Strata CashBack Program to advertise and provide services to stratas on the basis of providing program cashback discounts and loyalty benefits.

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Career Opportunities

CashBack Programs is seeking experienced property management and other professionals interested in a potentially lucrative career representing the program in regional areas throughout BC to stratas, co-operative housing associations, rental property and commercial business owners, and the companies that provide services to them.

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